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Birth of Northland Sport Products

I have 3 beautiful children, My daughter who loved basketball and played through her high school years was a outstanding player but, her injuries kept her away from basketball. My Son who is 16 year 6'8" tall have been very lucky to play for Athelite Basketball academy and been member of Elite team from age 13 playing Inaugural Jr. NBA Canadian Championship in St. Catherines Ontario then got Invited to Underarmor and NBA Next Event for 25 Best players of U14 then honored to be selected for British Columbia U15 team to play National championship in New Brunswick. My youngest son is 5 who love basketball. 

This last summer we decided to makeover our yard and decided to make a basketball court with limited funds. we had a quote from a court builder was over our budget. My son and me started to dig up dirt ourselves and inquired courts directly from manufacturer overseas . we prepared and poured the concrete and installed the hoop and court ourselves at the fraction of the quote we were given. Now we want to give same opportunity to other parents who like to gift dream court to their children at the budgetary  prices.

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